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How to Reduce Your High Cholesterol Without Medication

http://nutritiongang. com/cholesterol - VISIT US TODAY TO FIND HOW TO LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL NATURALLY Transcription of the video: If You Want.

After 'Forks Over Knives,' new `PlantPure Nation' shows Ky health battle

It also details the markedly lower levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels that result from 10-day "Jump Starts" groups of people eating only plant-based, whole foods. "We were shut out and not heard," Nelson Campbell said of The

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The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond

Smart women understand that taking care of their health is essential to maintaining an active lifestyle. This comprehensive guide shows you how to work with your body instead of against it to stay healthy and happy through menopause and beyond. Written by two practicing doctors who have been close girlfriends since they met during medical training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond includes the doctors' own personal experiences, patient stories from their medical practices, and all the information you need to age with good health, grace, and humor. Includes the information you need to: Care for your whole body to prevent common diseases Learn which health issues are normal, which are serious, and what to do about them Overcome memory loss,...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Lowering Your Cholesterol

Cardiologist Joseph Lee Klapper, M.D., gives an in-depth yet accessible explanation of cholesterol levels and explores ways to lower them. Weighing the pros and cons of a variety of approaches, including a holistic approach, Western medications, natural remedies, and new methods on the horizon, he then takes you step-by-step through a medically proven plan for shedding cholesterol points. By 2010, the leading cause of death worldwide will be heart disease, far greater than infections, AIDS and other killers. Explores many contemporary heart-smart diets and provides sample menus. Important information about exercise, risk factors, statins and other Westen cholesterol lowering medications; herbs, supplements, and natural remedies; and antioxidants, gene therapy, and new drugs.

After 'Forks Over Knives,' new `PlantPure Nation' shows Ky health battle - The Courier-Journal

After 'Forks Over Knives,' new `PlantPure Nation' shows Ky health battle "PlantPure Nation," a film following "Forks Over Knives," debuts at Baxter Theater on Sept. It focuses on vegan eats and legislative battles to reverse Kentucky's chronic health problems. it/1UwHtVq When she switched from McDonald's cheeseburgers to plants three years ago, Terry Gassman lost 110 pounds and eliminated her diabetes and stroke-threatening high cholesterol. Her husband, Rob, shed 50 pounds, his chronic high blood pressure and blood sugar levels that bordered on diabetes. The Jeffersontown couple will be among hundreds of Louisville residents eating their way to a healthier life who look forward to the premier of "PlantPure Nation" at the Baxter Avenue Theaters, 1250 Bardstown Road, on Thursday, Sept. Set in Louisville and Frankfort, the new documentary opening in theaters nationwide and follows "Forks Over Knives. " Widely viewed on Netflix, that film explains the work of the Cleveland Clinic and Cornell University researcher T. Colin Campbell to demonstrate how a Western diet laden with meat, dairy and oil products, is linked to chronic disease and cancer... That is what the general public thinks of us when they hear 'vegan,' " Rob Gassman said at dinner Wednesday, where 55 people dined on mushroom risotto, kale tomato bean soup, salad and butternut squash pudding at Heitzman's Bakery in Middletown. The weekly support group follows the vegan regime prescribed by Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Caldwell B. Esselstyn , a diet proven since the mid-1990s to reverse or halt heart disease. "We could walk our grandson down the aisle at his wedding or maybe hold his baby," Rob Gassman, 50, said of the strict vegan regimen that bars consumption of oil, milk, cheese, eggs, fish or meat. "PlantPure Nation" is the work of Nelson Campbell , the son of Colin Campbell, who is the author of "The China Study," a 2006 book hailed by The New York Times as the "Grand Prix of Epidemiology. " That survey compared the diets and health of 6,500 adults in 65 counties in China. It revealed statistically significant correlations between meat and dairy consumption and mortality rates for more than 48 types of disease, including the seven most common cancers. A political documentary, "PlantPure Nation" follows the failure of Nelson Campbell and Rep. Tom Riner (D-Louisville) to pass legislation in Kentucky that would recognize the health benefits of a diet composed primarily of fruits, vegetables and legumes. It also details the markedly lower levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels that result from 10-day "Jump Starts" groups of people eating only plant-based, whole foods. "We were shut out and not heard," Nelson Campbell said of that episode, which sparked his documentary "We wanted to demonstrate this health truth because you've got a lot of people in Kentucky who are sick. Since reading "The China Study" four years ago, Riner, 69, has followed a whole food, plant-based diet and preaches the lifestyle at his Baptist church and homeless shelter on East Broadway. 17 film, Riner is giving away $500 worth of tickets among his 41,000 constituents from St. Matthews through Smoketown, Shelby Park, and downtown through the West End neighborhoods of California, Russell and Park Hill. "I represent some of the sickest people in Louisville," said Riner, a state representative for 34 years, who added that he hopes to follow the showing with similar eating experiments dubbed "PlantPure Pods" in Louisville to demonstrate how the... As "PlantPure Nation" debuts in theaters this fall. vegan nutrition is also being embraced by mainstream medicine in Louisville. On Tuesday, KentuckyOne Health will graduate the first patients from its new nine-week Ornish Reversal program at Medical Center Jewish Northeast. The program combines the vegan nutrition, exercise, meditation and cardiac rehabilitation strategy of Dr. Dean Ornish , who describes "The China Study" as "one of the most important books about nutrition ever written. In KentuckyOne Health's first class of 10 critically-ill heart patients, weight loss averaged 7. 5 pounds, three patients lowered their blood pressure medication, one patient who had diabetes came off his insulin, and another is discussing coming... One patient dropped out of the program. The program rests on education to help people embrace a new way of eating, said Dr. Deborah Ballard, a physician who partners with a cardiologist.


  1. It also details the markedly lower levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels that result from 10-day "Jump Starts" groups of people eating only plant-based, whole foods. "We were shut out and not heard," Nelson Campbell said of The
  2. Free cholesterol and glucose screenings, information on strength conditioning, yoga, reflexology, carbon monoxide poison prevention, outdoor activities, personal training, the Affordable Health Care Act and more. Results will be interpreted by an M
  3. Stress can lower our defenses and make it hard to meet the difficult challenges in life. This applies to kicking habits like smoking, so managing stress is important if you are trying to quit. Physical activity, deep breathing and meditation can be


How Meditation Lowers Your Cholesterol Levels - EOC Institute
How does meditation drop cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease? Its pretty simple. Under stress, your body releases free radicals

Cholesterol and the Transcendental Meditation Technique
AHA: TM is the only meditation found to lower blood pressure . ... So yes, the Transcendental Meditation technique is an effective way to lower total cholesterol.

Yoga Lowers Cholesterol - How to Lower High Cholesterol or ...
For centuries, yoga has been known for its health benefits. Studies also suggest that yoga may be used to help keep your cholesterol levels healthy.

10 Things Meditation Does for your Health

10 Things Meditation Does for your Health
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Meditation Why Meditation How does Mediation Work Type of Meditation ...

Meditation Why Meditation How does Mediation Work Type of Meditation ...
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Reduces risk of schizophrenic episodes and other psychotic ...

Reduces risk of schizophrenic episodes and other psychotic ...
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The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough
A very thorough approach to diabetes treatment from the point of view of prevention and reversal of diabetes symptoms. Frank Shallenberger is a medical doctor combining his own testing methods called Bio-energy testing with a multi-pronged holistic treatment that includes diet, supplements and exercise. The Bio-energy test , which involves testing your body on a treadmill, evaluates how well you are producing energy and metabolizing fat, as well as your optimum caloric intake and carbohydrate intake. Also adrenal gland function, heart and lung function. Unfortunately I would have to go to his office in Nevada to get this evaluation. It used to be more available, but the economic collapse may have had an impact and the fact that his treatment plan requires patients who are motivated. The book describes his theory that diabetes is an energy production problem on a cellular level and not simply a question of the pancreas not producing...
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15 cholesterol myths busted
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