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Bird and Wildlife Photography Equipment: Lenses, cameras, teleconverters, tripods, monopods

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Just how innovative is a 250-megapixel camera?

Ultimately, the ability to make a 250-megapixel camera means that former mass-market camera and imaging companies may end up focusing more and more on the enterprise market (what Canon refers to as the “industrial equipment” segment), while tech 

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classic glamour photography techniques of the top glamour photographers

classic glamour photography techniques of the top glamour photographers

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garage glamour digital nude and beauty photography made simple

garage glamour digital nude and beauty photography made simple

(Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies)

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As New. No Dust Jacket as Issued Book. 11 1/2h x 8 1/2w. A beautiful gift quality 124 page first edition softcover. Nude and beauty photographers can find the invaluable highimpact techniques in this exhaustively illustrated manual that covers everything from compositional tips for clothing, accessories, and poses to more technical challenges such as lighting, lens selection, and exposure, demonstrating how to produce stunning, worldclass images using minimal equipment without accruing a burdening investment. Beginning with the Four S's of glamour photography (sexiness, sultriness, sensuality, and seductiveness), amateurs and professionals alike are shown new ways to achieve beautiful shots, with additional tips on working with models that include methods for accentuating assets while minimizing flaws and initiating comfortable working relationships.

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Just how innovative is a 250-megapixel camera? - Washington Post

Canon just set a world record with the unveiling of a new 250-megapixel image sensor so powerful that it’s capable of reading the lettering on an aircraft from more than 11 miles away . Understandably, tech bloggers and camera enthusiasts were... 9 is “only” going to have a 12-megapixel camera. On the surface, Canon’s decision to go big with megapixels certainly makes sense. If camera makers such as Canon want to stay relevant, they have to keep pushing the boundary on imaging innovations, or risk ceding even more of the market to smartphone cameras, which are rapidly catching up to the capabilities and functions of... However, while creating a 250-megapixel camera makes a statement, it may also be a case of overkill. Is a 250-megapixel camera the innovation consumers need. Just thinking of the data storage requirements on those 250-megapixel images should make your head spin. If you’re planning on storing a lot of 250-megapixel images (or better yet, 250-megapixel videos) on your digital device, you’d better have plenty of storage capability, and that’s going to push the price up. Approximately 1. 25GB would be needed... Also, consider the way most people use cameras. Most people send small photos via email or post them on social networks rather than printing them out. They don’t need all those megapixels for images to look sharp online. The rule of thumb is that you should multiply the dimensions (in inches) of any photo you are planning to print by 300 to figure out how many megapixels you need for a sharp print. Thus, if you were planning to print out an 8×10 photo, you’d need 8x300x10x300 pixels. Which might be one reason why Apple and other companies settled on 8 megapixels as just good enough for most consumers. Most people don’t print photos larger than 8 by 10 – people who do so are usually professional photographers, and probably wouldn’t be using their smartphones anyway. So, with an 8-megapixel camera, you’d have more than enough firepower to make high-quality photo prints. With a 250-megapixel camera, you’d be able to print out a crisp-looking 4-foot by 5-foot photo — something most people have absolutely no need for. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t potential use cases for a 250-megapixel image sensor. In its news release, Canon suggested that “specialized surveillance” would be one use case – imagine being able to take crisp photos of people or objects from more than 10 miles away. Another similar use case would be “crime prevention” — getting super high-resolution images could help law enforcement officials at a crime scene. Okay, but that’s also a little bit spooky – it’s one thing to know that the surveillance camera a few feet away is taking photos of you, it’s quite another that a camera located as far as 10 miles away is snapping photos of you. Another use case involves photography at sporting events such as the Olympics. Canon is a Japanese company, and with Tokyo hosting the Summer Olympics in 2020 , there’s growing momentum for Japan to set all kinds of Olympic imaging records in both photography and video. The new 250-megapixel camera offers a resolution of 19,580 by 12,600, meaning that it would be able to shoot video 125 times higher than full HD. You’d be able to crop or zoom a photo multiple times without sacrificing any resolution or clarity. And, certainly, the launch of a 250-megapixel camera would continue to push the boundary on what’s possible for mainstream consumers. At one time, a 1-megapixel camera was a big deal, Then it was the 2-megapixel camera. Then, it was the 4-megapixel camera. Now, you can pick up a mainstream consumer smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – with a 16-megapixel camera. As a proof of the nearly unstoppable march of the megapixel, Canon just announced plans for a new 120-megapixel DSLR camera. But to view the march of the megapixel as some kind of inexorable upward climb in which all innovators are engaged in an all-out megapixel war is to get sucked in by the “technology mudslide hypothesis.


  1. Ultimately, the ability to make a 250-megapixel camera means that former mass-market camera and imaging companies may end up focusing more and more on the enterprise market (what Canon refers to as the “industrial equipment” segment), while tech 
  2. The focus of the Parsippany library's Makerspace is to encourage residents aged 12 and up to create music, photography, scrapbooks as well as their own movies. A variety of equipment has been purchased. Once an individual attends a free training
  3. If you have the opportunity to be on the sidelines at your kid's game, there are plenty of pictures to be had with your current equipment. No need to break the bank. Look for emotion and intensity, and let the action come to you. Dan Powers is a
  1. This storm needs to pass by with a quickness, had all the photography equipment, which is just about all metal and I got soaked
  2. Man I would love to get into filming and photography but the equipment is too damn expensive.
  3. Budget Photography Equipment and more #Nikon #canon #budget #gear #photo #rarpdx


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Photography Equipment Kuwait Interview

Photography Equipment Kuwait Interview
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DIY Ring Light
*Made it into Explore 4.16.07* Yes thats right folks, 100% home made. Seems odd to build this when I've spent over 10 g's in equipment so far! Hey...this wasn't on the list at the time! !This is the result! 10 - 100 watt incandescents - $40 10 - ft of 14 gauge wire 1 - cut 12 gauge extension cord 1 - Burned hole in ozone over studio Priceless
Day 1, heavy duty saw horses
These are the best saw horses I ever used period. makes a great shooting table in conjunction with a 4'x4' piece of plywood. I have not been able to find these for sale any where since I bought them in 2004. If anyone knows where to buy these please let me know.
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